Pre-use creative recycling on our products

We enhance our end-of-series stock, samples and prototypes, reinterpreting them in limited series products or even unique pieces. Our fashion designers give vent to their imagination by creating eclectic garments with a very strong personality, making them by hand with the most varied techniques such as embroidery and patchwork. Through existing unused products, we create new products, reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy: sustainability is also the reuse of what already exists.

The true sustainability of up-dn fashion


100% natural

recycled pre used


100% ethical

made in Italy


100% fair

for everyone


100% biodegradable

without polluting residues

The up-dn branded products will be on sale exclusively at the Dress-Natural online shop.

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Upcycling Dress-Natural is a clothing line that achieves sustainability through the process of transforming our existing products into new products.
An existing article, if not used, generates high environmental and social costs and also has a significant weight on our costs.
Giving new life to products that are never used in stock means partialising their ecological footprint, giving value to the work of those who have made it and allowing us not to dilute additional costs on the prices of the series collections, allowing us to maintain fair prices.
And in addition you get exclusive pieces out of the catalog.



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