Knitwear items in 100% natural fibers, not dyed


Thunupa is the Dress-Natural brand that uses 100% natural yarns without any dyeing process. The color derives solely from how we receive textile fibers from nature.

Fibers that can be in 100% alpaca wool for the warmer garments, or alpaca wool together with cotton or linen, for the freshest garments. An incredible chromatic range, ranging from light rope to black, all declined in numerous intermediate shades. Knitwear of absolute purity, perfect for people with sensitive skin to aggressive elements (such as heavy metals and artificial dyes) or who want to dress without artificial (potentially toxic) components.

The range of items includes genderless knitwear, for women and men.

Sweaters for children and maternity wear are provided.

The true sustainability of Thunupa fashion


100% natural



100% ethical

made in Italy


100% fair

for everyone


100% biodegradable

without polluting residues

The Thunupa branded products will be on sale exclusively at the Dress-Natural online shop.

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Thunupa is the name of a dormant volcano, located in the Andes mountain range.

The volcanic cone, rich in minerals, takes on chromatic variations that range from cream to black. The same colors that we find in Thunupa sweaters, thanks to the wool of the alpacas that live free on the Andean plateau, enjoying the view of its top.



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