For those looking for subversive clothing, able to rebel against the polluting and ethically incorrect drift of the fashion world. For those who want to dress outside the box, celebrating an individuality made of environmental sustainability and ethical correctness. O-Chaos is the Dress-Natural brand that goes beyond the prevailing concept of luxury, putting in the foreground a new green luxury: clothing in natural organic yarn, woven and packaged in Italy, on sale at a fair price for workers and for customers. Since its first line of clothing, O-Chaos has encouraged new world talents in fashion design, inviting them to interpret the collections of a truly sustainable new fashion with their creativity.
The initial range of items includes genderless knitwear, for women and men, which will be followed by other garments.


Clothing in 100% natural organic fibers

The true sustainability of O-Chaos fashion


100% natural

certified organic


100% ethical

made in Italy


100% fair

for everyone


100% biodegradable

without polluting residues

The up-dn branded products will be on sale exclusively at the Dress-Natural online shop.

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O-Chaos is the abbreviation of Original-Chaos, in its meaning from ancient Greek, completely devoid of the current connotation of disorder.
In ancient Greek cosmologies chaos was the void that existed before the creation of the cosmos.
But not an infinite space devoid of physical contents, but the primary condition from which every reality (and divinity) was generated.
O-Chaos is therefore an invitation to take a decisive step backwards from unbridled consumerism. An urgent and necessary "reset" in an evolutionary phase that is highlighting unprecedented risk factors for the survival of the planet and the host living forms (including us).



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