Knitwear items in 100% natural fibers, dyed with herbs

The maximum expression of research in the field of ecological innovative yarns: recovering the ancient pre-industrial dyeing techniques, applying them on noble natural fibers. The color is extracted from herbs, berries and roots and fixed by infusion on the most precious yarns.

Plant tinctures of renowned tradition and high quality for an exclusive product free of chemicals, the result of the extraordinary power of nature and the skilled hands of man. Perfect knitwear for those who appreciate a refined style and admire the slight chromatic variations due to use and exposure to the sun. Changes that are synonymous and guarantee of absolute purity of the garment, which becomes truly unique.

The true sustainability of Mathildis fashion


100% natural

natural dyed


100% ethical

made in Italy


100% biodegradable

without polluting residues

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Mathildis (Matilde in Latin) of Canossa, is one of the most charismatic figures of the Italian Middle Ages. Lived between 1046 and 1115 she came to dominate all the Italian territories north of the Papal States, defeating the German Emperor Henry IV in battle.
Trilingual, gifted with an innate aptitude for political and military command, she was able to demonstrate on many occasions that she was capable of extraordinary inner strength, in a historical era in which women were considered of lower rank than men.
Almost a thousand years after his birth, Mathildis wants to be a tribute to the courage and determination of all women.





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