Dress-Natural is for those looking for sustainable fashion and want to be transparently informed on the ethical and ecological footprint of the clothes they wear.

We believe that sustainable quality garments can be accessible to everyone .
To do this, we directly buy the best raw materials all over the world, we create the garments with our Italian craftsmen and we make them available directly to you on our e-store, without unnecessary steps in between.



Dress-Natural is a fashion house different from the others because it was not born by making clothing,

but to answer a very simple and important question:
"When is fashion really sustainable?"

Dress-Natural is the result of an interdisciplinary cultural-economic research project that sees us constantly engaged in the study and comparison of the work of sociologists, philosophers, journalists, bloggers, designers, producers and processors of raw materials, certifying bodies, environmental associations, NGOs engaged in the defense of animal and human rights.

Being an outsider allows us to have an unconditional and independent approach, which translates into truly sustainable products, without compromise.



There are people who make a difference, making the world we live in better.
Some have inspired us for years, others are pleasant news.
In common to all, having marked a before and after in our way of thinking and acting.
We pay homage to them with the portraits of our designer Deda.

"There was an old conflict between chemical-industrial and organic agriculture. Now a new one is emerging between authentically organic agriculture, which is based on small biodiversity biodiversity, and a pseudobiological one, used on the monocultures of large farms that show for the export. Authentic organic farming is based on biodiversity, small family farms, local markets and fair trade "


"Until you dig a hole, plant a tree, water it and make it survive, you haven't done anything.
You're just talking "


"I am part of those who raise their voices to stop the destruction of rivers, forests and heaths. Of those who dream that one day humans will change the economic model of death, to give us a way to build a model that guarantees life"


"... we are worth as much as our words.
If actions don't coincide with words, our value as people is diminished "


"We cannot face a crisis without treating it as such. We must leave fossil fuels underground and we must commit ourselves to equality. If we do not find solutions to the current development model, it means that we must change it. You have no more excuses and we have little time. We are here to tell you that change is coming "


"No child should ever hold a work tool.
The only work tools that a child should hold are pens and pencils "




Stefano Giuffredi


Architect, he has been involved in R&D and Industrial Design for fifteen years for high-end interior design brands such as GAM & GAM and MOBILAC.

Through continuous contact with the market, it has developed the ability to interpret new needs, identifying in real sustainability the necessary evolution of the contemporary production chains of Made in Italy.

By transferring this experience into the field of fashion, he created Dress-Natural, with which he proposes a new approach to sustainable fashion, bringing skills in the creative direction and product sales.

Maddalena "Deda" Artusi


First level diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and two-year specialist diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera (Milan). With his pictorial and graphic works he participates in the debate of contemporary art obtaining selections and prizes.

He brings his creative and artistic sensitivity to Dress-Natural with a particular attention to the social and cultural aspects of fashion, gained through numerous overland trips in contact with local artisanal realities in Italy, the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, Pakistan and India.

Today he deals with the ethical identity and social responsibility of Dress-Natural, as well as the design of the Thunupa, Mathildis and up-dn collections.

Molly O'Halloran

Knitwear designer

Londoner, he obtained a four-year degree from the University of Brighton specializing in knitted fabrics and knitwear design, after doing internships at Marc Jacobs (New York), Pringle of Scotland (London) and Country of Origin (London).

Meet Dress-Natural at the tenth annual "Feel the Yarn" competition at Pitti Filati 2019 (Florence), where she presented two items from the forthcoming "The Myth of Aran" collection.

In Dress-Natural is the knitwear designer of the O-Chaos brand.

Valeria Acerbi

Jewelry designer

Professional ceramist with over ten years of experience, specializing in Japanese raku ceramics.
In Dress-Natural creates with Deda the jewels and accessories of the Thunupa brand.

Silvia Andreatta

Jewelry designer

Graduated from DAMS at the University of Padua, she has been responsible for Contemporary Art Gallery in Venice for several years.
In Dress-Natural is the jewelry designer of the O-Chaos brand.



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