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The reason for our general goals

We believe that the current fashion industry must change direction urgently. That’s why we started from a blank sheet, designing new processes and implementing radical actions to protect the planet and its inhabitants through ecological and ethical products.

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Our values

The values we promise our customers

Dress Natural makes truly sustainable clothes both from an ethical point of view (short, monitored and fair supply chain) and ecological one (sustainability of raw materials, respect of biodiversity and of animals, products that can be disposed of without polluting residues, actions to facilitate re-use).


Origin of yarns, weaving and packaging: we tell you everything

If you are a B2C customer of our brand Pianetha, you will find on the website precise and updated information about the origin of raw materials, spinning, dyeing, weaving and packaging for each product.

If you are a B2B customer in private label or co-branding, we provide you all the information you need to make your final customers buying in complete serenity.

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The hands of man, our most precious instrument

Dress Natural products are born from a unique mix of cutting-edge technologies and manual processing. The result is a high-quality garment with an artisanal flavor.
The wisdom of man supported by modern technology: we love the imperfection of hand-finished garments.

Our concrete actions

What we do, in practice

  1. We buy sustainable yarns only from trusted partners who directly manage the entire cycle, “from the field to the rock”, ensuring us eco-sustainability, work ethic and social projects that are valuable for local communities.

  2. We carry out in Italy with our artisans all the processes “from the wire to the shelf”, in a local, short and monitored chain with an explicit ban on subcontracting.

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The initial research.

Spring 2018

Our CEO starts an interdisciplinary research to answer a very simple and important question: “When fashion is really sustainable?”.

Yarns testing.

Summer 2019

After implementing an ethical chain, we test with our Italian artisan the first ecological yarns.

The first sweaters.



At Christmas we successfully close the crowdfunding campaign "Sustainable Fashion Made in Emilia" on the platform Ideaginger. The first packaged garments are the reward for our supporters.

Pianetha and B2B.



Pianetha and B2B division

Our B2C brand Pianetha and the internal division devoted to B2B are born.



Stefano Giuffredi


Architect, he worked for fifteen years on R&D and Industrial Design for high-end furniture brands such as GAM&GAM and MOBILAC.


Through continuous contact with the market, he developed the ability to interpret new needs, identifying in real sustainability the necessary evolution of the production chains of Made in Italy.

Maddalena "Deda" Artusi


First level diploma at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and second level diploma at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera (Milan). With his paintings and graphics she participates in the debate of contemporary art obtaining selections and awards.

Today she deals with the ethical identity and social responsibility of Dress Natural, as well as the design of the collections of Thunupa and Mathildis lines.

Dress Natural today counts on the contribution of ten professionals engaged in the fields of fashion, design, visual arts and communication. But also, on product innovation, the ethics of the supply chain and the growth of the company.

We are looking for talents, join our team!




If you would like to know more about Dress Natural write us, we will be happy to answer you.

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